Create your own unique sounds for music production using synthesis techniques inside Xfer Serum

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Your Instructor

Becky Saif

Becky Saif is an international DJ, Music Producer, YouTuber and Streamer from the UK.

She graduated with a BA Hons First Class Degree in Music Production in 2012 and has spent the last decade diving deep into the world of Music Production, Sound Design and Studio Engineering.

Her professional industry experience has so far landed her partnerships and support from the likes of Pioneer, Adam Audio, Focusrite, Loopmasters, Plugin Boutique, Loopcloud and the International Music Summit.

Becky is the creator of Nomi Music Studio. She uploads videos to her YouTube channel and streams Music Production on Twitch.

Her 17 years of DJ experience includes a residency at Amnesia Ibiza playing to 5000 people every week and international gigs across Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Synthesise Your OWN Drums, Bass, Pads and Leads In Xfer Serum

Xfer Serum is the leading go-to advanced wavetable synthesiser. In this course you will learn how to create you own unique Drums, Bass, Pads and Leads. Build your sample library and start developing your music production identity today!

What Will You Learn?

Create your own Drums

Create your own Basses
Sub Bass
Reese Bass
Deep Bass
Mid Range Bass
808 Bass
Wobble Bass
Womp Bass

Create your own Pads
Lush, Ambient Pads
Liquid Pads
Deep, Organic Pads
Huge Synth Pads
Dreamy Chords

Create your own Leads
Saw Lead
Brass Stab
Detuned Lead
Psytrance Lead
Dark Plucks

How to use the modulation matrix to add track automation to your new presets.

Use Xfer Serum effects - Reverb, Delay, Filter, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Compressor, Hyper Dimension, Distortion and EQ - to manipulate and shape your sounds.

Filter, Envelopes and LFOs

Wavetable Editor


Beginners to music production who are looking to get a quick understanding of how to use Xfer Serum.

Intermediate music producers interested in developing their sound design skills.

Anyone experienced in music production seeking ways to build their own unique library of sounds.

Anyone looking to create sample packs.

Music producers new to the world of sound design.


Becky is amazing! Learnt more in 2.5 hours than a 12 hour course. Straight to the point and really clear explanations. Would love see more!
Tommy Morgan

This course is amazing. It shows how sounds are created from scratch. After following two or three videos I already started creating completely different stuff than explained, based on the techniques that have been shown. Thanks Becky for sharing your experience with us.
Fabian Ruch

I actually learned something new, even though I've had serum for a few years, there are things I just never learned about until this point. I'm glad I bought this course and the instructor explains things very well.
Nicole Richardson

Great for my tablet best tutor so far very direct great communicator no waffle. I’ve learned more on this course than any other.
Nick Hayes

I had a lot of fun working through this course. The videos are short, get straight to the point, and yield practical results.
MIchael Olea

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